The 106B Spindle by HS Spindles is Now Available

106B Spindle

The 106B Spindle by HS Spindles is Now Available

Anaheim, CA, May 5, 2017– The awaited release for the 106B has arrived. HS Spindles LLC has completed their first round of prototypes and with the 106B spindle.

This is a ten-horsepower spindle with HSK 63F tool clamping. Made in America to compete with the high speed routers imported from Italy and Germany.

106B Spindle by HS Spindles LLC


The 106B is their entry into the 10hp spindle market for woodworking and soft metal applications. HS Spindles LLC also manufactures smaller CNC spindles capable of 50,000 RPM. More powerful 106 sized units will follow with liquid cooling.

Options for the 106B include fan, compressed air or liquid cooled versions and 460V or 380V motors.

HS Spindles LLC, located in Anaheim, California, is a Veteran owned and operated manufacturer and repair shop for CNC spindles. They provide custom designs, retrofits and spindle modifications.

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If you would like more information, please contact (714) 307-2332 or email at

Download: Press Release_HS Spindles 106B


Free Technical Support Hour

Free Technical Support Hour

Do you have a service question about your spindle or high speed equipment?

The technical team at HS Spindles will host a FREE support hour Monday thru Friday from 8AM to 9AM PST.



8AM to 9AM PST

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New Product Coming Soon – The Fan Cooled 106B

New Product Release – The 106B

Available in fan, compressed air or liquid cooled. 460 and 380V options.

HS Spindles is introducing their new product, the 106B. This is a ten horsepower spindle with HSK 63F tool clamping. Made in America to compete with the Italian made HSD ES929 and similar spindles.

The 106B is their entry into the 10hp spindle market for woodworking and soft metal applications. HS Spindles currently manufactures the 60C and 70 series which are smaller yet higher speed spindles, but not suitable for the woodworking market. The 106B fits between the 70 and 120 series. More powerful 106 sized units will follow with liquid cooling.

“It thrills us to open a new door in production,” says owner Tony Maffeo. “We have a passion for high quality spindles. It is exciting to showcase a new level of products.”

Comparison of the 106B to the HSD ES929:

  1. 106B is 11 to 23 lbs lighter than the HSD ES929A spindle (Nameplate) (Drawing) (HSD Website)
  2. It will mount with the same Tee-Slot spacing as the HSD ES929A.
  3. The shaft nose is in the same position axially and centerline is the same.
  4. The 106B is 11mm less in width, 16mm less in length and 17mm less in height.
  5. 106B has better rotordynamics with its stiffer shaft. Shaft is made out of 9310 steel.
  6. Uses same size and number of air lines.
  7. Uses similar sensors which can use a retrofit kit to make it plug and play. Fan can be 24 VDC or 230 VAC.
  8. Optional push button available.
  9. Standard connectors are Harting style and are commercially available.
  10. 32,000 RPM versions available.

The 106B is limited in quantity and in high demand. We are taking orders now. Reserve yours today!

Early Bird Special – Pre-order your fan cooled 106B now and save 10%! Contact us at or call (714) 307-2332.


Spindle Comparison: 70C versus IMT ECO80 Spindle

Spindle Comparison: 70C vs IMT ECO80 Model

This post is a spindle comparison of two HSK 25E spindles. Both are high precision and high speed: 30,000 and higher. The 70C is manufactured in the USA and the IMT comes from Germany.


70C is designed to fit in the same envelope as an IMT ECo80 spindle and in this post, I will highlight some of the features of the 70C.

The 70C has a similarly sized shaft to allow the same access as the IMT model. The 70C has a 316 stainless steel cover to further protect the spindle from splashing.Spindle Comparison: 70C vs IMT ECO80 ModelSpindle Comparison: 70C vs IMT ECO80 Model


70C also has a splash guard in the rear.

Spindle Comparison: 70C vs IMT ECO80 Model



70C is a 2.7kW motor compared to the IMT’s 1.9kW (To be fair: IMT does offer a 2.8kW version. HS Spindles does as well but it is a 4 pole motor with much higher torque).

The 70C uses larger bearings in the front and is a more robust design throughout.

The 70C uses a stronger drawbar than the IMT and allows for commercially available clamp groups to be used (Bellodi, OTT Jakob, IMS).

70C is capable of 40,000 rpm versus this IMT model rated at 30,000 rpm.

The 70c is made in the United States and the IMT is made in Germany.


Dynamic Balancing – Vibration Analysis

All spindles are dynamically balanced and have a vibration analysis performed. If any critical speeds are detected, we’ll inform you of the speed zones to avoid to help your spindle last longer.

We also offer rotordynamic analysis services to machine builders, spindle manufacturers and test rig developers. Shafts and shaft mounted items are analyzed in reference to the type of bearings, stiffness and natural frequency. Shaft mounted items can be designed with confidence knowing the critical speeds of the assembly and how design them in regards to mass, center of gravity and polar inertia properties.


Spindle Power Curve 70 Series

Spindle Power Curve 70 Series

HS Spindles sells one of the most powerful induction motor spindles on the market. The spindle comes in two variations, a 17 pound base mounted model and a 12 pound cylindrical unit.


The cylindrical model is designed with an 80mm outer diameter. New features are currently being added such as coolant thru the shaft and high speed encoders.

CNC Machine Tool Holders

CNC Machine Accessories

CNC Machine Accessories

Our high quality tool holders and accessories for your needs

CNC machine tool holders and accessories made by IMS are available in the on-line store. We carry the most popular sizes for the wood working industry. If you can’t find it on our site, we can help source it. The payments are made thru Paypal and we ship using UPS. The shopping cart calculates shipping and taxes. California residents: Please contact us for the reseller discount if you have a resale certificate. If an item is not in stock please contact us to find out the delivery.

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