Spindle Comparison: 70C versus IMT ECO80 Spindle

Spindle Comparison: 70C vs IMT ECO80 Model

This post is a spindle comparison of two HSK 25E spindles. Both are high precision and high speed: 30,000 and higher. The 70C is manufactured in the USA and the IMT comes from Germany.


70C is designed to fit in the same envelope as an IMT ECo80 spindle and in this post, I will highlight some of the features of the 70C.

The 70C has a similarly sized shaft to allow the same access as the IMT model. The 70C has a 316 stainless steel cover to further protect the spindle from splashing.Spindle Comparison: 70C vs IMT ECO80 ModelSpindle Comparison: 70C vs IMT ECO80 Model


70C also has a splash guard in the rear.

Spindle Comparison: 70C vs IMT ECO80 Model



70C is a 2.7kW motor compared to the IMT’s 1.9kW (To be fair: IMT does offer a 2.8kW version. HS Spindles does as well but it is a 4 pole motor with much higher torque).

The 70C uses larger bearings in the front and is a more robust design throughout.

The 70C uses a stronger drawbar than the IMT and allows for commercially available clamp groups to be used (Bellodi, OTT Jakob, IMS).

70C is capable of 40,000 rpm versus this IMT model rated at 30,000 rpm.

The 70c is made in the United States and the IMT is made in Germany.


Dynamic Balancing – Vibration Analysis

All spindles are dynamically balanced and have a vibration analysis performed. If any critical speeds are detected, we’ll inform you of the speed zones to avoid to help your spindle last longer.

We also offer rotordynamic analysis services to machine builders, spindle manufacturers and test rig developers. Shafts and shaft mounted items are analyzed in reference to the type of bearings, stiffness and natural frequency. Shaft mounted items can be designed with confidence knowing the critical speeds of the assembly and how design them in regards to mass, center of gravity and polar inertia properties.