HSK 63F Spindle, 460V, P/N 106B-63F-4P1

HSK 63F Spindle, 460V, P/N 106B-63F-4P1

HSK 63F ATC Spindle

Fan Cooled. 10hp, 460V, 4P,  57 pounds

ABEC 7 Ceramic Ball Bearings, 24,000 RPM

Sensors for Shaft Rotation or Tool Presence

More options available



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HSK 63F Spindle (106B-63F-4P1)

The 106B-63F-4P1 spindle is a base mounted model. It comes with a HSK 63F clamp group.

Mounting: Base Style, Four M8 tee nuts in bottom

HSK 63F Specs: Maximum collet size is ER40. The maximum tool shank is 28mm or 1.1875″.

Maximum Speed: 24,000 rpm (32,000 upon request)

Run-out: <.00005″ (.0012 mm)

Horsepower: 10 hp (7.5 kW)

Cooling Method: Fan cooled, 24 VDC fan.

Features: Cone clean, Two proximity sensors (shaft rotation and tool presence), Quick disconnect Harting connector for sensors

Options: If you need a spindle with these options, please call or fill out the contact form.

A – Proximity Sensor for Open Chuck ($60)

B – Proximity Sensor for Closed Chuck ($60)

C – ABEC 9 Bearings run-out <.00002″ (.0005 mm) ($250)

D – Encoder for High Speed Operation – Speed limited to 37,000 rpm ($1,000)

E – Encoder for Low Speed Operation – Speed limited to 15,000 ($400)

F – RTD for front bearing support temperature monitoring ($75)

Country of Origin: USA – Design, developed and majority of parts manufactured in the USA

Compatibility : Designed to fit in place of HSD 929 models.

Recommended VFD: VFD075B43A for 10 hp applications.

Dimension: Refer to Installation Dwg

3D Model: Download Step file here: 3D of the 106B-63F

Weight: 57 lbs

Notes: HSK tooling offers advantages over ISO tooling. Read here for more information.

HSK World: HSK Links

Paypal financing available if approved by Paypal. Interest free if paid off in 6 months.