ER25 Torque Wrench, P/N TRQ-25

ER25 Torque Wrench

Fits ER25 Slotted Nuts

Fits these nuts: W987D, W987DE, W988D and W989D

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ER25 Torque Wrench for ER25 Slotted Collet Nut

Torque Wrench, ER25 Slotted Collet Nut – The torque wrench fits into the slots on the outside of the collet nut for a secure grip that will not slip. More secure than a spanner wrench. The torque wrench is used to properly torque the nut based on the size of the tool. Ranges of 45 to 55 Nm (33 to 41 ft-lbs) and 80 to 90 Nm (59 to 66 ft-lbs).  Made out of hardened steel for long lasting use. ER25 torque wrench fits ER25 slotted nuts from all manufacturers.

Specifications for Torque Wrench, ER25 Slotted Collet Nut

ER25 Torque Wrench for Slotted Nuts

Material: Hardened alloy steel.

Manufacturer: Made in Italy.

Torque Range: 45 to 55 Nm (33 to 41 ft-lbs) and 80 to 90 Nm (59 to 66 ft-lbs)

Maintenance: Protect from rust with rust preventative spray.

Compatibility: Slotted ER25 Collet Nuts. Fits the SN-E nut.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 47 x 3 x 70 cm

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